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指数组:Cetes (Mexico)

组织负责指数计算:Центральный банк Мексики

Cetes are non-interest bearing securities with a face value of 10 pesos, issued at discount through a weekly auction managed by Banco de Mexico, maturities range from 28 to 364 days, with the most common terms being 28 and 91 days. Cetes (treasury bills) were first issued in 1978, creating an important tool for the government to use in the direction of monetary policy. With Cetes, the monetary authorities were not only able to affect the money supply trhough open market operations but also to finance the budget deficit and develop the fixed income market. It is not neccesarily auctioned on the day so update frequency can change.

182 day Cetes
28 day Cetes
364 day Cetes
91 day Cetes

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